Who Invented the Jet Plane?

invented-jet-plane Credit: Blend Images/John Lund/Blend Images/Getty Images

The jet plane that first took flight on July 27, 1949, was invented by Sir Geoffrey de Havilland. The inventor was an aircraft designer and aviation pioneer.

Airplanes had previously been engineered and flown by pilots around the world, but they were fueled by a combination of propellers and engines. The first jet plane was faster and more powerful and could reach higher altitudes than traditional airplanes. It enabled travel time to be cut in half and allowed people to have a more comfortable and enjoyable ride. The first airplane that was created took its first flight from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, in 1908.

Sir Havilland was a bus designer and motorcycle engineer and worked on the motors and engines that propelled the powerful machines until he discovered aviation. He took an interest in airplanes after noticing the first flight by the Wright brothers and began working on a more powerful and stronger engine for the airplanes that flew as a result of the first airplane. He eventually found a jet engine that would work for the airplanes to allow the planes to fly higher and faster. Havilland was the engineer behind the fighter jet airplanes that were used by Germany in World War II.