Who Invented the IPod?


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The iPod was developed between 2000 and 2001 by a team at Apple that included Jon Rubinstein, Jonathan Ive, Tony Fadell, Michael Dhuey and Tim Wasko and was headed by Steve Jobs. Of the six members, three were engineers and two were designers, while Steve Jobs oversaw the project as a whole in his capacity as Apple CEO.

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The iPod was launched by Apple in October of 2001. The design of the device itself was based on a design made by a company called PortalPlayer. The initial design had already resulted in a prototype device which operated using an internal operating system. Building the foundation of the user interface of the first iPod was also contracted to a company called Pixo. This base interface was then used as a development by Jonathan Ive, then senior VP of design, and Tim Wasko, who was an interface engineer.

The basic concept of the iPod was based on an idea that was created and patented in 1979 by Kane Kramer. This British inventor had developed the idea of a portable, digital music player with a plastic construction. Due to a shortage of funds, he was unable to renew his worldwide patent license and was unable to capitalize on the introduction and expansion of MP3 players during the 1990s and 2000s.

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