Who Invented the Incubator?


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The ancient Chinese and Egyptians invented incubators for hatching eggs. Etiene Stephane Tarnier, a French obstetrician, invented an incubator for premature human infants. It was demonstrated in 1898 in Turin, Italy.

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The incubator for infants invented by Dr. Tarnier was warmed by a kerosene flame. It was used at the Paris La Maternite. Modern incubators for premature infants are completely enclosed and maintain a constant temperature and humidity.

Rene-Antoine Ferchault de Reaumur developed egg incubators in Europe in the 1750s. The egg incubator was further developed by Abbe Jean-Antoine Nollet and later by Abbé Copineau. Modern egg incubators can hatch a million eggs at one time.

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