Who Invented Binoculars?

invented-binoculars Credit: Dirk Anschutz/Stone/Getty Images

Ignazio Porro invented the first binoculars around 1854. Since then, they have been an essential tool for outdoor use, creating a more exciting experience for the viewer.

Binoculars are a pair of identical glasses that are mounted and aligned side by side, together. They allow one to use both eyes when viewing distant objects. Most binoculars are held with both hands.

Whether used for hunting, birding or just observing nature, binoculars are an essential tool. However, the high-quality images that one can see are only possible because of the complex prism systems that come with binoculars.

There are two major types of binoculars designed from these prism systems: the porro-prism model and roof-prism model. The first type has been used for more than a century, while its counterpart has been the product of a more recent technological innovation in the field of optics.