What Was Invented in 1994?

The biggest inventions of 1994 were the CMOS image sensor and the first PlayStation games console. Other major inventions were the quantum cascade laser, the HIV protease inhibitor and the Segway.

The CMOS image sensor, invented by physicist Eric Fossum, is a circuit that uses a processor to capture images. This technology is used in pill cameras, security systems and DSLR cameras.

A Segway is a two-wheeled, self-balancing, personal form of transportation. Although the patent was made in 1994, the invention itself wasn’t released to the public until 2001 by inventor Dean Kamen. The quantum cascade laser, invented by several inventors at MIT, is a device that is meant to bring temperatures down to very close to absolute zero.

HIV protease inhibitors are anti-viral drugs that prevent HIV from reproducing. The PlayStation console was invented by Sony and is a 32-bit game console. The best-selling game on it was “Gran Turismo,” a racing game.

Despite the fact that these inventions were made over two decades ago, many of them are still used today. CMOS sensors and HIV protease inhibitors are still used in the medical field. More modern versions of Segways and the PlayStation have come out since their original releases.