What Are Some Interesting Facts About the Wampanoag Indians?

The Wampanoag Indians were natives of what is now Massachusetts and Rhode Island. At its peak, the tribe numbered more than 10,000. It was the Wampanoag who interacted with the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock, and it was from the Wampanoag that the Thanksgiving tradition derived.

As of 2015, the remaining Wamponaog Indians still live in the Northeastern United States and have a reservation on Martha's Vineyard. The Wamponaog traditionally spoke their own language but have since all come to speak English. The Wamponaog did not live in tepees but rather lived in villages of small wigwams. The Wamponaog Indians had friendly relations and traded with other tribes such as the Mohicans and the Delaware Indians but occasionally went to war with the Mohawks and other Iroquois Indians.