What Are Some Interesting Tesla Inventions?


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Some interesting inventions by Nikola Tesla include an electric motor, lasers, wireless communication and an alternating current form of Electricity. He also made breakth X-rays and robotics.

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The electromagnetic motor is featured in a number Tesla's patents, including U.S. Patent 0,381,969 and 0,382,279. In these patents, the motors are completely unique. The first utilizes a novel form and operating mode. Coils form independent energizing circuits, and this is connected to an alternating current generator, creating a synchronous motor. In the second motor, rotation is produced and maintained by direct attraction. They utilize shifting poles.

Patent No. 613809 was the first remote-controlled model boat. Tesla also played a key role in adapting X-ray technology for medical use. Tesla's innovation of alternating current was safer and more cost effective than direct current. He also created a machine that could create direct current derived from alternating current, in the case the direct current was necessary for the task at hand.

His patent number 0,454,622 is a system of electric lighting that converted and supplied electrical energy in a form suited for the production of novel electrical phenomena. Tesla's "Death Beam," a super weapon, utilized lasers. He was also the inventor of the neon lamp.

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