What Are Some Interesting Facts About the South Carolina Colony?

Interesting facts about the South Carolina colony are that the British government had to revoke its original charter and manage the colony itself, and that South Carolina was the site of more Revolutionary War battles than any other colony. South Carolina was also one of the wealthiest colonies.

King Charles II issued the charter for the "Carolina" colony in 1663 to a group of eight nobles. The colony faced significant turmoil as it grew, however, and the British government took the charter back in 1729 and administered the region itself. It was at this time that Carolina was split into two colonies, North Carolina and South Carolina.

One of the few naval skirmishes in the Revolutionary War took place in Charleston harbor in November 1775. The Caroline Battle of Ninety Six was the only combat in the entire war that featured the use of military mines. When Sir Henry Clinton attempted to land a British invasion in Charleston harbor on June 28, 1776, the rebels holding Fort Moultrie on Sullivan's Island were able to keep the British navy at bay thanks to the efforts of Colonel William Moultrie and his militia. The battle was made more difficult for the American forces by the fact that the fort was still under construction.