What Are Some Interesting Facts About Shawnee Indians?

interesting-shawnee-indians Credit: Marilyn Angel Wynn/Nativestock/Getty Images

The Shawnee originated from the area now known as Ohio. Before the arrival of European colonists, the Shawnee had numbers over 10,000, but conflicts, disease and the War of 1812 reduced their numbers to about 3,500 people. Most Shawnee settled in Oklahoma, where around 15,000 still live as of 2015.

History describes the Shawnee as an Eastern Woodlands tribe, but the group frequently travelled, mostly to avoid conflict with the colonists and other tribes. Because of the constant movement, they had to build temporary shelters called round wigwams using natural resources, rather than settling in permanent structures.

Shawnee wore face paint and moccasins. The women wore long skirts, and the men wore breechcloths. The males hunted and fished, while the women harvested crops such as corn and squash. The fur trade played an important role in the history of the Shawnee, and the men hunted and trapped for both food and fur. The women made woodcarvings, beadwork and pottery. The Shawnee were known for the Stomp Dance, which they performed for social and religious purposes.

Although known for protecting their family and land, the Shawnee were not known as warriors. The Cherokee, while sometimes foes of the Shawnees, often traded with the Shawnee, who adopted music and dance from the Cherokee tribe.