What Are Some Interesting Facts About Molly Pitcher?

Probably the most interesting fact about Molly Pitcher is that historians do not agree about exactly who she was or even if she existed. "Molly Pitcher" is a generic name assigned to women who brought soldiers pitchers of water during the Revolutionary War. It is generally accepted that the Molly Pitcher of historic lore is Mary Ludwig Hayes.

Mary Ludwig Hayes was the daughter of a dairy farmer. Her mother married William Hayes when she was only 13 years old. She earned her legendary status in American history when in the midst of the Battle of Monmouth her husband collapsed and she took his place at the cannon. During this battle, one eyewitness account reports that a shell passed between her legs but did no damage except rip off the bottom half of her petticoat. Hayes reportedly joked about the possibility of more damage if it had been a bit higher. It is said that Mary Ludwig Hayes enjoyed tobacco and swore as much as any man in the army. Mary stayed with the Continental Army until the war ended, after which she and her husband returned to their home in Pennsylvania. After her husband died, Mary married a war veteran named George McCauley.