What Are Some Interesting Facts About Louis XVI?

Louis XVI was the last king of France and was removed from power and then had his head chopped off during the French Revolution in 1793. One reason the French public hated Louis XVI was that for marrying a foreigner, Marie Antoinette, the daughter of the Austrian emperor.

The French economy was incredibly poor when Louis XVI became king following the death of his grandfather in 1774, partly due to the French support for the colonies during the American Revolution. Things continued to get worse throughout his reign, and King Louis was accused of preventing the French Estates Assembly from meeting in 1789.

This was soon followed by a mob of civilians taking over Bastille prison in Paris, which they viewed as a symbol of the king's oppression. This led to the Louis and Marie Antoinette trying to flee the country. When they were caught, Louis was eventually charged by treason and executed by guillotine. Marie Antoinette was then killed in the same manner nine months later.

Louis XVI's death put an end to the system of monarchy in France, which was replaced by a parliament when France was declared a republic in 1792. Just before his death, the king was said to have professed his complete innocence.