What Is Some Interesting Information About China's History and Geography?


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China's history began well over 5,000 years ago. Over the course of its history, Chinesw society progressed over five stages: primitive society, slave society, feudal society, semi-feudal society and Socialist society. The most recent, Socialist society, started on Oct. 1, 1949 with the founding of the People's Republic of China.

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Chinese history separated into a variety of dynasties such as the Xia, Han, Tang, Song and Ming. The dynasties featured the passing of the title of Emperor to offspring. Each new dynasty occurred due to the overthrow or conquering of the Emperor's forces.

The Xia Dynasty was the first in China's history, occurring around 2000 B.C. Between 25 and 200 A.D., the Han Dynasty saw the introduction of Buddhism to the region, the founding of Taoism and the opening of the Silk Road, which connected trade with Europe.

The Tang Dynasty, considered the most prosperous in China's history, began in 618 and lasted until 907. During this period, China increased its territory and made achievements in politics, culture and economy. Following the last feudal dynastic periods during the Song, Ming and Qing dynasties, China established itself as a republic from 1912 through 1949. During this time, the country found itself under attack and invasion from the Japanese.

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