What Are Some Interesting Homemade Inventions?


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Homemade inventions people often find interesting due to the stories behind their origins include the flexible straw, liquid paper and Geox shoes. In each case, the invention was born out of an individual’s actions in response to an everyday problem encountered at home or work.

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A father named Joseph Friedman got the idea for flexible straws while observing the difficulty his daughter was having drinking a milkshake at his brother’s soda shop. She was attempting to consume it through a straight paper straw, but she could barely reach its opening.

To eliminate this problem in the future, Joseph inserted a screw in the straw and wrapped dental floss around it to create a ribbed texture. In this way the straw could easily bend over the rim of the glass so his daughter could enjoy her beverages easily.

Executive security Bette Nesmith Graham invented typewriter correction fluid by bringing a watercolor brush and water-based temper paint from home to work. She made improvements with the help of a chemistry teacher from her son’s high school and eventually sold her product for millions of dollars.

Bothered by how hot and sweaty his feet became while wearing sneakers with rubber soles, Mario Moretti Polegato decided to use a pocket knife to cut holes in the bottoms of his shoes for ventilation. This eventually led to the formation of the highly successful footwear company Geox, whose soles all feature small air holes.

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