What Are Some Interesting Facts About Henry Hudson?

interesting-henry-hudson Credit: SuperStock/SuperStock/Getty Images

Henry Hudson, an explorer during the Age of Discovery, made four trips to the New World, founding a number of bodies of water and exploring north of the Arctic Circle in Canada. His crew mutinied during his final journey in 1611 after their boat became stuck in the ice of James Bay. The crew set Hudson, his son and a few other loyal crew members adrift in a small boat, where they died from the elements.

Hudson, an Englishmen, sailed his first journey to find the famed Northwest Passage to Asia for a British firm, the Muscovy Company. His ship got as far as islands off shore of Greenland before ice forced the boat to turn around. During his second journey, once again for the Muscovy Company, his ship reached Novaya Zemlya, which sat just north of Russia in the Arctic Circle, but ice once again forced him to turn back home. He sailed his third journey on behalf of the Dutch East India Company and made his way to present-day Nova Scotia before sailing as far south as the Chesapeake Bay.

Among the waterways, Hudson's discoveries include the Hudson River in the United States, Hudson Bay in Canada and the Hudson Strait just past the southern tip of Greenland.