What Are Some Interesting Facts About Germantown, Wisconsin?


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One interesting fact about Germantown, Wisconsin is that it was formed when several small hamlets merged into a single incorporated village as a defense against the annexation of land by Milwaukee County. Another is that the very first white baby was born in the area in 1843.

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First known in 1836 as Town 9, Washington County, Germantown was incorporated in 1924 as a small farming community. It remained very small until 1963, when Milwaukee County annexed a small piece of land from Washington County for the purpose of building a landfill. To prevent any more annexation of land, six unincorporated towns merged with Germantown to create one large village. The hamlets of Kuhburg, Willow Creek, Meeker Hill, Goldenthal, Rockfield and Dheinsville became part of Germantown and created a community that grew to a size of approximately 35 square miles.

One of the oldest settlements in the village of Germantown is Dheinsville, named for Johann Philipp Dhein who, along with wife, Maria, settled the area for family and fellow German immigrants. On May 12, 1843, the first white baby was born in the wilderness known as Washington County.

The annual Germantown Hunsrucker Oktoberfest is held in Dheinsville every year. Germantown is rich in history and German culture. Some of the most popular attractions include the Sila Lydia Bast Bell Museum, the Valentine Wolf House and the Christ Church Museum. Each of these attractions feature preserved or restored structures built in the 1800s.

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