What Are Some Interesting Facts About Aztecs?

Some interesting facts about the Aztec tribe include that the Aztecs believed in several gods, including the creator god known as "Quetzalcoatl," and the Aztecs were afraid of some gods so they sacrificed human beings to them. The Aztecs would not sacrifice one of their own people, but would capture children from other tribes close by and sacrifice them.

The Aztecs also loved chocolate and would use cocoa beans in lieu of money for taxes and for tributes to the gods. However, people who were poor or of a lower class would not have been able to purchase chocolate to drink. The Aztecs also emphasized bathing and bathed twice per day.

The Aztecs were interested in telling stories and writing poetry. They also liked to write books about subjects such as law, religion and astronomy. There was a huge library in Tenochtitlan where the Aztec books were kept. Sadly, when Cortes destroyed the city the library was burned along with all of the city's books. The books were created by hand painting on paper that was created from animal skin or plant fibers.

The Aztec tribe was a nomadic tribe and lived in Mesoamerica in the area known today as northern Mexico. The tribe lived peacefully from the 13th century to the 15th century until Cortes overthrew the Aztec nation. The Aztecs are considered one of the great native civilizations due to their complex political, religious and social structures.