What Are Some Interesting Facts About Adolf Hitler?

One of history's most infamous figures, Adolf Hitler is known primarily for being the mastermind behind the Holocaust that was responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent people throughout Europe. He rose from almost nothing to power over a country he was not born in, served as a soldier in World War I, and after a failed attempt to overthrow the government, was sentenced to five years in jail.

Hitler's attempt to overthrow the government was committed from inside the National Socialist German Workers Party, over which he was in charge. Adolf Hitler's most infamous piece of writing, Mein Kampf, was written while he was serving his time in prison. He only served nine months, but it was enough to write the manifesto that would a become a crucial element in his rise to power.

The origins of Hitler's rabid anti-Semitism are somewhat mysterious. It is believed that while he was selling his artwork on the streets of Vienna to survive during his youth, he may have picked up the anti-Semitic sentiments that Austria was known for at the time.

By 1933, Hitler had come to power and was diligently laying the groundwork for his plans to have the planet exclusively populated by the German people. As Hitler attempted to execute these plans, he precipitated World War II.