What Information Would Be on a 1960's Map?

A political map in the 1960s would show much of Africa under European control, though many former colonies gained independence in that decade. The map would also include the Soviet Union and a divided Germany.

While many countries in North and South America and Western Europe have maintained similar borders since the 1960s, both Africa and East Europe have seen the rise of new and independent nations. UNICEF notes that in 1960 alone, at least 17 European colonies in Africa became independent. Many others, including Botswana, Malawi and Zambia, achieved independence later in the decade. Depending on the specific year of the map, it might show other countries that have ceased to be independent, such as Biafra or Zanzibar.

Vietnam was divided during the 1960s, only achieving unification after the end of the Vietnam War in the following decade. Korea was similarly divided during the decade, though it remains separated as of 2015.

A political map in the 1960s would also show the Soviet Union, which consisted of 15 Eastern European and Central Asian republics during the decade. Germany was also divided into East and West Germany during the decade, with the two countries under Soviet and Western influence, respectively.