What Industries Use Robots?

Modern robots are used in a number of industries, ranging from medicine to manufacturing. Discussion of robots taking on jobs traditionally performed by human beings is rampant, and a study by Oxford University researchers indicates that nearly 50 percent of the U.S. labor market is at risk of being automated.

Robots are capable of such precision that they are used in modern medicine as aids to surgeons. Human beings program medical robots to make incisions at particular sites and depths.

Scientists use robots to help explore areas that are difficult or dangerous for human beings to explore. Such areas include the deep sea and outer space.

Factories use robots for the same reason. Since they are programmable, manufacturing robots work faster and with greater precision than human beings. They also withstand more extreme environmental conditions, including higher or lower temperatures, that human beings are unable to tolerate.

Domestic robots are becoming more advanced. While small robots that vacuum floors have existed for some time, household robotic devices also include GPS-empowered lawn mowing robots, window cleaning robots and gutter cleaning robots. Security robots equipped with night vision cameras are also available for homes and businesses that wish to maximize security through robotic surveillance.