Who Is the Industrialist Who Preached the Gospel of Wealth?


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Industrialist Andrew Carnegie preached the Gospel of Wealth in his 1889 essay, "Wealth." In this piece, he argues that people who have amassed great wealth must distribute it judiciously during their lifetimes to create a better world.

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Andrew Carnegie made immense amounts of money in the U.S. steel industry, eventually becoming one of the richest men on the planet. However, he wrestled with the most ethical means of distributing his great fortune. Having been born poor, he knew the difficulties of the working class and wished to help improve their lot.

In his essay, he dismissed the ideas of passing on his money to heirs or donating it to the government upon his death. Instead, he argued that the wealthy should give their money away during their lifetimes. He believed that this would preserve capitalism while improving the lives of the many.

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