What Do Indians Eat for Breakfast?

In India, typical breakfast dishes include upma, a porridge made from roasted semolina and vegetables; flatbreads like parathas or roti; steamed rice cakes known as idli; and dosas, a fried crepe-like lentil cracker. These are also often served with tamarind or different chutneys for dipping.

Typical foods vary from region to region, but breakfast is not usually that different from dinner in India. Rice and potatoes are common fixtures for many meals. In the south, breakfast consists of idli and dosa served with chutney, dishes of rice and vegetables, or spiced potatoes. Appam, a pancake made from fermented rice batter and coconut, is also a staple breakfast food, as is puttu, a steamed roll made mainly of rice flour and coconut.

A north India breakfast often consists of a vegetable curry served with rice and a flatbread such as roti or parathas There are many different kinds of parathas, including aloo (potato), paneer (cottage cheese), and mooli (radish). Puri bhaji, a potato-and-flour flatbread, is very common and is served with yogurt and salad, likewise poha, a dish made from flattened rice and peanuts.

Western India has its own breakfast staples, such as dhokla, a steamed batter of rice and chickpeas served with chillies and chutney, and khakhra, a thin wheat cracker also served with chutney as well as pickles.