Where Are Indian Tribes of America Located Now?


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Native American tribes are located throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. Many tribal governments are located on reservations or other allotted land, but most Native Americans live outside of those reservations.

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Where Are Indian Tribes of America Located Now?
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There are 566 tribes recognized by the federal government, but not all of these tribes have reservations, as of March 2015. There are also additional tribes that are not recognized by the federal government, but they may be recognized by state governments and hold land in those states.

Many Native Americans were removed from their ancestral lands and relocated into other states. For example, the Cherokee Nation is located in Oklahoma. However, Cherokees once lived throughout the southeastern United States before they were forced to relocate.

Most federally recognized reservations are located in the western U.S., particularly the larger ones such as the Navajo Nation. However, there are smaller reservations located in Mississippi, Alabama, the upper Midwest and the Northeast. Native Americans living outside of reservation lands are found in every state. Although Alaska has the highest population of Native Americans as a percentage of total population, it only has one federally recognized reservation.

Many Native Americans left reservation lands due to the poverty and lack of job opportunity that plagues some of them. This is largely due to their remote locations. However, the popularity of casinos and other tourist attractions have increased the economic opportunity in some of these areas and improved the quality of life for residents.

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