Where Are Indian Burial Mounds Located?

Where Are Indian Burial Mounds Located?

Indian burial grounds are located over most of the United States. The exceptions are the smaller New England states and Virginia, and the states west of Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas.

Burial mounds do seem to focus around seven cultures. The Hopewell culture mounds are in the northernmost and westernmost states. The Ohio Hopewell and the Fort Ancient mounds are in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia.

Adena mounds are found in the same region, with a few further west. Mississippi culture sites are found along the Mississippi River Valley from Illinois down, but also in Kentucky, North Carolina and all states south. Caddoan mounds are found in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. Oneota mounds are found in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Missouri.

Many burial mounds were in the Mississippi and Ohio valley, but not all of them. Native American burial mounds had two main uses. Some were used as common burials, while others were used for rulers and sacrificial victims. Burial mounds usually contained whatever significant objects a person had possessed in life.

Native Americans believed that death was only part of a cycle that would end in rebirth, so that the dead would eventually return in a different form. The burial mounds were only a stopping point for loved ones.