Where Was the Incan Civilization Located?

incan-civilization-located Credit: Justin Setterfield/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Inca Empire was located on the western coast of South America. It extended from what is the southern border of Columbia as of 2014 down to the south of Chile, and it covered a territory of nearly 300,000 square miles.

At its height, the Inca Empire is said to have had a population of 6 to 12 million people. The capital and first city of the Empire, was Cusco, which is located in central Peru as of 2014. It was founded in 1100 A.D. by Manco Capac who, Inca stories say, was sent to the valley by the Inca sun god. The Inca Empire flourished for centuries until it was toppled by the Spanish in 1533.