What Was Important About the Seneca Falls Convention?

important-seneca-falls-convention Credit: JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images

The Seneca Falls convention was important because it was the first women's rights convention held in the United States and was where the Declaration of Sentiments was created. The Declaration of Sentiments, which was based on the Declaration of Independence, listed 18 grievances and 11 resolutions for women.

Elizabeth Stanton wrote the Declaration of Sentiments, which was debated and then signed by all those in attendance. The convention was ridiculed by the press, but although Stanton was annoyed at this critical reception, she understood the importance that it was being talked about at all. Stanton said of the convention, "It will start women thinking, and men too; and when men and women think about a new question, the first step in progress is taken."

The Declaration of Sentiments would become the blueprint for the women's suffrage movement as well as help it gain national attention. Sadly, when the 19th Amendment giving the right to vote was ratified in August of 1920, only one of the women who had signed the original Declaration of Sentiments was still living.

The Seneca Falls Convention was held July 19 and 20 in 1848. It was held in Seneca Falls, N.Y., and was held to bring attention to the treatment of women as well as push for women's rights including suffrage.