What Are Some Important Facts About Ghana's History?


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Important events from Ghana's history include the Kingdom of Melle conquering the Kingdom of Ghana in the 13th century, the arrival of Europeans in the 15th century and the slave trade of the1400s to the mid-1800s. Notable recent events include the country gaining independence in 1957.

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In its early years as the Kingdom of Ghana, Ghana was a powerful force in Africa for centuries. It extended throughout large regions of northern Africa, though not to the modern area of Ghana. This came to an end in the 13th century when the Kingdom of Melle conquered Ghana, causing the land to fragment as members of the conquered kingdom migrated or became slaves.

Europeans arrived in large numbers in the 15th century, starting with the Portuguese in 1471. The Danish, the final Europeans to come to Ghana, arrived in 1650. The slave trade at this point was already in full force with England, the Netherlands, Portugal, Germany and other nations competing for slaves over a period of several hundred years. Some of the slaves ended up working the plantations of America.

In 1863, Great Britain came to dominate Ghana. The people of Ghana eventually fought back, taking back their country and becoming the first nation in sub-Saharan Africa to gain independence from colonial rulers.

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