What Are Some Important Events That Happened in 1975?

The year 1975 saw the premiere of television's "Wheel of Fortune" and Margaret Thatcher's election to the leadership of the British Conservative Party. On March 19, Pennsylvania became the first state to allow girls to compete with boys in high school sports.

Pop culture enjoyed some notable events in 1975, with Space Mountain opening at Disneyland, Jack Nicholson and Gena Rowlands winning awards in the 32nd Golden Globes, Olivia Newton-John and John Denver earning top awards at the second American Music Awards, and the release of Steven Spielberg's "Jaws" movie.

Sports stories included heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali defeating Joe Bugner in Malaysia, the end of a 28-game losing streak by the NBA's New Orleans Jazz, and second baseman Joe Morgan of the Cincinnati Reds winning the National League's MVP award.

President Gerald Ford survived two separate assassination attempts in the month of September alone; both took place in California. In other political news, Ronald Reagan began an unsuccessful run for the Republican presidential nomination against Ford, and Judge John Sirica granted the release of President Richard Nixon's aides Herbert W. Kalmbach, John W. Dean III and Jeb Stuart Magruder from prison, after the latter three served time for crimes related to the Watergate scandal.