What Are Some Ideas for a Project About the Nile River?

Some ideas for projects on the Nile River include an economic analysis, a diorama and a use chart. These project ideas give students the opportunity to examine history, develop critical thinking skills and exercise their creativity.

An economic analysis project can help students better understand the impact the Nile had on Egypt's economy. Students can examine the different economic effects of the river, including effects on trade and industry. They can also map out the trade routes of boats that carried goods to and from Egypt, analyzing the impact of these different goods as well.

A Nile diorama offers students the opportunity to both examine the river's features and represent them artistically. Using an empty shoe box or another container, students can depict the river bank and its surroundings using paint, tissue paper and other materials. Students can think about what distinguishes the Nile from other rivers and how to depict these distinctions. For an added touch, students can use modeling clay to create representations of Egyptian boats or Egyptian citizens.

A use chart allows students to reflect on the various ways in which the Nile was used and the effect this usage had on the lives of Egyptians. From fishing to washing clothes to irrigation, students can catalogue the Nile's different uses and present them on a poster board or in a slideshow along with an accompanying oral presentation.