What Honors Did Sir Isaac Newton Get?

Sir Isaac Newton received several honors including knighthood, the consideration as the top mathematics professor at Cambridge, a seat in Parliament and the Lucasian Chair of Mathematics at Cambridge. Sir Isaac Newton was a mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, scientist and physicist that lived from 1643 to 1727.

He is most famous for the law of gravity, which was a major scientific breakthrough that propelled scientific thought as part of the scientific revolution in the 17th century. He discovered the law with the famous apple. Newton published his most influential book in 1687, which was "Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy." It is considered the most influential book ever written on the subject.

Newton was born to a local farmer in Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire, England. He had a strong education and his uncle pushed him forward to pursue his intellectual curiosity. Newton did not graduate with any distinctions or honors from his university, but he did earn financial support for future study based upon his work. He wrote several books and conferred with many of the greatest minds at the time.

Newton's personal life was quite sad, as he did not have many friends and he never married. He was alone towards the end of his life, though he was quite wealthy and his scientific ideas were unchallenged.