Who Was Hitler’s Right Hand Man?

Adolph Hitler had a number of generals who were close to him during the Nazi reign in Germany, according to the website Second World War. His second in command is often reported as Hermann Goering, chief of the Luftwaffe. Other famous Nazi generals include Joseph Goebbels and Heinrich Himmler.

Goering is said to have been greedy and used the war to amass his private wealth. He was sentenced to death as a result of the Nuremburg Trials, but he committed suicide in 1946 prior to being hanged. Joseph Goebbels was once named by Hitler as his potential successor. He was the minister for propaganda and was very loyal to Hitler and his vision. Himmler was the minister of the interior and head of the Gestapo. He was the second-most powerful man in Germany by the end of the war, and committed suicide in 1945 after he was captured by the Allies.