What Is the History of the Wild West?

The history of the Wild West spans the latter part of the 19th century covering topics such as the stories of cowboys fighting Indians, the pioneer woman, famous outlaws and the Pony Express Mail Delivery. The history of this period follows the American settlers moving west to occupy the land inhabited by the American Indians.

The migration west and search for land began due to the need to farm the land for resources and colonize the blooming country. The settlers slaughtered and relocated the American Indian tribes they encountered.

One major achievement that developed due to the need to communicate to the newly occupied areas of the country was the establishment of the Pony Express mail delivery system in 1860. This system consisted of a group of men who rode horseback to deliver mail across the country.

The first cattle drive from Texas to Kansas through the Chisholm trail took place during this period of time. Famous outlaws, such as Jesse James, the Clantons and the Dalton gang, roamed the land committing robbery and murder. Billy the Kid offered Wild West shows featuring sharpshooting and rodeos. Saloons offered entertainment, such as card and dice games, piano playing and dancing girls, to clientele that included fur trappers, gold miners and soldiers.