What Are Some History Facts About the White House?

Some history facts about the White House include that there are 132 rooms in the White House, that the first president to be photographed in the White House was President John Tyler and that historically the Blue Room was used as a formal social greeting room for foreign leaders and diplomats. Although the Vice President has an office in the White House, the Vice President lives off grounds at the United States Naval Observatory.

The White House also has 412 doors and 28 fireplaces along with three elevators and seven staircases. The White House has not always been called the White House and has been called the President's Palace and the Executive Mansion. President Roosevelt gave the White House its name in 1901.

Another interesting fact is that each president is able to redecorate the Oval Office and the West Wing to fit his personal tastes. The Oval Office is the primary office for the president. Nathan C. Wyeth was the designer who created the Oval Office, which he modeled after the Blue Room that was inspired by George Washington. It was Washington's idea to take the straight rear walls and join them together in a semi-circular fashion to create the Blue Room.