What Is the History of Utah's State Flag?


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In 1896, the Utah State Legislature adopted the first Utah state flag, a solid white image of the great seal of Utah on a blue background, which remained in service until 1913. In 1903, Governor Heber M. Wells accepted a new flag from the Utah State Society Daughters of the Revolution. Each member of the USSDR paid $1 to create a new flag, and Agnes Teudt Fernelius embroidered it.

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In October 1903, the Utah State Legislature determined that the flag could only serve as the Governor's regimental flag because it was not approved by the state legislature and the flag did not accurately depict the official state seal. The USSDR then commissioned the artist H.L.A. Culmer to revise the flag. When the governor saw the new flag he agreed to display it on occasions for which he would be present. The flag was on display during the World's Fair in St. Louis, celebrating the Louisiana Purchase. It served as the state flag until the end of Governor Wells' term in office in 1913.

The current flag, which displays the state seal surrounded by a gold circle on a blue background, dates back to 1912, when the Sons and Daughters of Utah Pioneers presented it to the battleship Utah. The Utah State Legislature enacted a joint resolution to declare it the official state flag, and Governor William Spry approved the resolution in 1913.

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