What Is the History of Sicklerville, New Jersey?


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The area that is now known as Sicklerville, New Jersey was originally settled in the early 1800s and was known as Sickler Town. The town was named after a family of German immigrants named the Zeiglers, who changed their surname to Sickler upon arriving in the colonies. John Sickler, the son of Christopher Zeigler, settled in the area around 1800 and built a solitary cabin. John had 12 children who helped him clear the forest and create a farming community.

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The early settlers of Sickler Town had a strong Methodist faith. At first, Methodist meetings were held in people's homes. In 1837, one of John Sickler's sons, William, donated the land for a church, and the community all pitched in for its construction. The church was also used as a school during the week.

The community continued to grow throughout the mid-1800s. In the 1840s, an additional acre was donated nearby the church to create a cemetery, and in 1865, the Sickler family opened a general store that was operated by Paul Sickler. However, the town's development accelerated when the Williamstown Branch of the Philadelphia and Atlantic Railroad went through the area in 1872.

The railroad station built for the community was originally called Sicklertown. However, when Paul Sickler began operating a post office out of his general store in 1874, the sign out front of the store called it Sicklerville. The two names were used interchangeably until Sicklerville eventually became the community's official name.

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