What Is the History of Palm Sunday?


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Palm Sunday is a Christian festivity that is celebrated annually on the Sunday before the Easter holiday. The holiday commemorates Jesus’ grand entry into the city of Jerusalem. This triumphant entry into Jerusalem occurred several days before the biblical Last Supper.

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Jesus Christ received a grand reception into the city of Jerusalem after many people had gained faith in him. News had spread across Galilee that he was the true Messiah after he raised Lazarus from the dead.

Jesus made his epic entry into this city on the back of a donkey instead of a horse to show his humbleness. Along the way, people waved palm branches at him and laid them on the road before him, while shouting praises at him. The modern-day Christian celebration, as of 2015, derives its name from this entry.

To celebrate, congregations of worshippers assemble together and make processions around their churches or even their cities while holding branches of palm trees. Sometimes a worshipper carries a cross in imitation of the one that Jesus carried when he was crucified. In countries where palm trees do not grow, the procession may substitute the palm branches with those of yew, box, olive and willow trees.

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