What Is the History of the Kiowa Flag?


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The history of the flag of the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma is shown in the design of the flag, which depicts a Kiowa warrior on a horse surrounded by 10 black and white eagle feathers. The feathers represent the Kiowa Medicine Bundles on a pale blue background but are also inspired by the Principal Dogs, or the ten bravest warriors in Kiowa society.

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Each part of the Kiowa flag is significant to the tribe's history. The small buffalo head at the bottom of the flag represents the Plains' tribe's primary food source, while the Appaloosa horse ridden by the Kiowa warrior represents a breed of horse developed in Idaho and Montana, which were the traditional lands of the Kiowa. The horse has a lightning bolt tattooed on its front leg representing the voice of thunder heard by the tribe every spring.

The warrior's shield depicts the Rainy Mountain of Oklahoma, which is a sacred Kiowa burial ground. The warrior also carries the red cape of a Spanish officer and wears a headband and bone breastplate. These items are all part of the warrior tradition. The recurring circles in the flag represent the sun and the moon, which are important ritual figures for the Kiowa.

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