What Is the History of the Henry 30-30 Golden Boy Rifle?


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The Henry 30-30 Golden Boy rifle is a modern lever-action repeating hunting rifle produced by Henry Repeating Arms. As of 2015, Henry no longer produces Golden Boy rifles in 30-30 caliber, though it offers other 30-30 caliber rifles and Golden Boy models.

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The 30-30 Golden Boy, like many other firearms that Henry Repeating Arms produces, takes stylistic cues from the Henry rifles of the 19th century. These elements are apparent in the rifle's lever-action loading mechanism and brass-plated receiver. However, while Golden Boy rifles feature vintage styling, they also possess modern improvements. The Golden Boy has mounts for telescopic sights, as well as built-in Buckhorn sights that are superior to the primitive iron sights on vintage Henry rifles. Additionally, the Golden Boy's receiver is made of brass-plated aluminum, giving it the appearance of solid brass but making it considerably lighter.

Though Henry Repeating Arms draws inspiration from 19th century Henry rifles, the company was founded in 1996 in an effort to supply firearms enthusiasts with replicas of the vintage Henry rifle as well as guns based on its design. The original Henry rifle was manufactured by New Haven Arms Company, which went on to become the Winchester Repeating Arms Company.

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