What Is the History of the Cayman Islands Flag?


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The Cayman Islands flag was adopted on May 14, 1958, when it replaced the use of British flag. The British flag was used before the Cayman Islands flag was adopted because up until that point, the islands were a British Overseas Territory. The Cayman Islands flag has a navy blue base color with the coat of arms in the center of the right side and the British Union Jack in the upper left corner.

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The original flag that was adopted in 1958 had a white disk that sat behind the coat of arms which was officially removed in 1999. The British Union Jack is prominently displayed to pay tribute to the British heritage of the Cayman Islands. The coat of arms is designed to illustrate the history of the territory. The three green stars that appear on the coat of arms represent the three islands of the territory. The coat of arms also displays blue and white wave-like stripes to represent the surrounding sea, a pineapple to display ties with Jamaica and a gold lion to represent Great Britain. The turtle represents the pirates in the Caribbean Sea calling the group of islands "Tortuga" due to the massive amount of turtles that surrounded the islands.

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