How Do You Find Historical Stock Information?


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As of 2015, stock market traders and other interested parties can find historical stock information from a wide variety of online sources, such as Yahoo! Finance, Investopedia, the Nasdaq website and MarketWatch.com. These websites generally provide search tools that use a company's symbol or related keyword to display a stock's general information. Under most company stock information is a section that displays historical stock prices that can be adjusted to certain time frames.

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Historical stock information is generally is based on daily, weekly or monthly closing prices. Users can also download this information to a spreadsheet for further review using Excel or other similar tools, though this function's availability depends on the source website.

Nasdaq.com's Historical Prices tool displays up to 10 years of historical price data for any stock listed on it. Users can choose to determine particular time periods within this data pool and can receive both price and trade volume data. By default, the Nasdaq search tool only displays a data table with an individual stock's open, high, low and close price for the most recent five-day period. Data found on this tool is updated every 15 to 20 minutes for intraday valuation and daily for historical data.

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