What Are Some Historical Facts About the Confederate Flag?


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Some historical facts about the Confederate flag include that the official Confederacy flag is not actually the Confederate battle flag, the flag was designed by William Porcher Miles and the flag has been used before to signify a disapproval of the federal government. The flag that is often considered the Confederacy flag was actually General Robert E. Lee's battle flag during his campaigns in Northern Virginia.

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What Are Some Historical Facts About the Confederate Flag?
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Lee did not want to use the flag after the Confederate side lost the Civil War. He believed that it was better to move forward and continuing to use a flag that symbolized a divided nation was a bad idea. The Klu Klux Klan has also used the flag on occasion to represent their group and studies have shown that African-American people, highly educated people and Democratic Party members, hold more negative thoughts about the flag.

One of the reasons that the flag has been historically controversial in the United States is due to slavery. The southern states had a few different reasons as to why they wanted to secede from the union. However, one main reason was slavery. The southern states wanted to continue the practice of slave ownership within their borders and the northern states wanted slavery to be abolished. This difference helps to solidify the Confederate flag as an image of pro-slavery attitudes.

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