What Are Some Historic Events That Occurred in 1925?


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Important historical events that occurred in 1925 include the publishing of "The Great Gatsby," the Scopes trial and the publishing of "Mein Kampf." Other interesting events that happened in 1925 include the beginning of Benito Mussolini's dictatorship in Italy, the delivery of antitoxin to Nome, Alaska, by dog sled, and the inauguration of Calvin Coolidge as President of the United States.

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Scribner's published "The Great Gatsby," a novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, on Apr. 12, 1925. "The Great Gatsby" is now thought of as a classic and one of the greatest American works of literature.

The story of the Scopes trial began with teacher John Scopes' arrest on May 5, 1925, and ended with a guilty verdict handed down on July 21 of the same year. Scopes was arrested for teaching evolution in a biology class. While observers agree it began as a publicity stunt, the Scopes trial was the first situation to bring national attention to the debate over evolution's place in school curricula.

Adolf Hitler published the first volume of "Mein Kampf" on July 18, 1925. This book outlined his political ideology and his future plans for Germany and Europe. The second volume of his manifesto was published the following year. These books contributed to Hitler's popularity and subsequent rise to power in Germany in the 1930s.

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