What Happened to the USS Saratoga After It Was Decommissioned?


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USS Saratoga (CV-60) was sold to ESCO Marine, based in Brownsville, Texas, for scrapping, according to the U.S. Naval Institute. The Navy considered using Saratoga as a museum but ultimately rejected such plans.

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USS Saratoga was commissioned in 1956, four years after being originally ordered. Saratoga was a supercarrier and was named for the famous Battle of Saratoga. While Saratoga (CV-60) is perhaps the most decorated ship of its name, it isn't the first; five other ships, including another carrier, have shared the name.

Saratoga saw service in Vietnam, earning commendations for performance in battle. Most of its career, however, was spent patrolling the Mediterranean or the coast of Florida. Saratoga first arrived in Vietnam in 1972, during the closing years of the war. It left the next year, rejoining the Atlantic Fleet in February 1973. Saratoga later participated in Operation Desert Storm, providing air support for the war in Iraq.

Saratoga was decommissioned in 1994. Projects to raise money to convert the Saratoga into a museum ship in Jacksonville, Florida, fell short, eventually leading to its scheduled disposal. In 2014, Saratoga was sold to ESCO Marine for one penny for scrapping purposes. The ship arrived at the disposal site in Brownsville, Texas, later that year.

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