What Happened 60 Years Ago?

As of 2014, 60 years ago would be the year 1954, which is still in the time frame of the “baby boomers” in post-WWII America. One of the biggest events that happened in 1954 is that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that schools that discriminate against African Americans based solely on race are unconstitutional. This event is one of the biggest sparks that drives the coming civil rights movement.

It is also in this year that the Cold War is going on between the United States and the USSR, and the country is experiencing “the red scare,” which involves the condemnation of communism. At this time, so many people are afraid of communist spies that the government calls upon Senator Joseph McCarthy to find people with communist sympathies. McCarthy starts blacklisting people as being communist and turns the process into a witch hunt, which is the basis for the famous play by Arthur Miller called “The Crucible.”

The U.S. economy is finally starting to turn around, and according to the Baby Boomers website, the stock exchange hits the highest price since the Great Depression struck in the early 1930s. In the medical world, it is also the first time that children are starting to be inoculated for the polio virus.