What Are Some Good Resources for Learning About World History?

What Are Some Good Resources for Learning About World History?

Reputable resources for exploring world history include Learner.org, HistoryGuide.org and the World History Association website at TheWHA.org. Other resources include Fordham University's Internet History Sourcebook and the Avalon Project from Yale University.

Scholars can visit Learner.org to explore 26 history units from the Bridging World History organization. This site is especially useful for teachers who are searching for curriculum ideas on word history. It includes a variety of instructional videos and an audio glossary.

The University of Illinois sponsors the World History Connected website, which provides information for teachers and students alike. The site offers research reports, history instruction methods and lessons on a variety of world history topics.

The Avalon Project is maintained by the Yale University School of Law. The collection includes various international documents regarding history, economics, politics and government spanning from ancient times to the 21st century.

Fordham University also maintains an extensive history resource project. The Internet History Sourcebook provides a collection of historical documents and texts. Visitors to the site can choose from ancient history, medieval studies and modern history, There are also subsidiary sourcebooks that cover the specific histories of Africa, Asia and India. Jewish and Islamic world history are also available through the Sourcebook.