What Are Some Good Projects for Kids About Ancient Egypt?


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Elementary school children can make models of Egyptian pyramids or mummies; they can also learn how to write their names using hieroglyphic symbols. Pyramids are symbolic of ancient Egypt and can be constructed from a variety of materials. In one example, children use sugar cubes to build pyramids; models of these ancient structures can also be made from folded sandpaper.

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Ancient Egyptians mummified their dead so that Osiris, god of the underworld, would recognize the deceased. Children can make their own mummies using dolls and some cloth strips. Wrap the doll carefully with the strips, tucking trinkets inside the wrappings to symbolize Egyptian amulets. Lay it in a cardboard box decorated with hieroglyphics to model the burial of a mummy inside a sarcophagus. Children can also use toilet paper instead of cloth strips.

To make an Egyptian perfume cone, start with beeswax, perfumed oils or flower petals and a candle mold. Use recycled plastic food containers for the mold, and melt old candles down for wax. After melting the wax in a pan, add the oil or petals and stir them together. Pour the mixture into the mold to set, and remove it when it has hardened. This project teaches children about the importance of perfumes during burial rituals in ancient Egypt.

To make a necklace similar to those worn by ancient Egyptian royalty, gather together a paper plate, scissors, paint brushes and paint. Cut the plate into a crescent shape. Next, paint colored squares onto the surface in a mosaic pattern. Wait for the paint to dry before trying it on.

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