What are some facts about George Washington's view on the Presidency?


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Facts about George Washington's view on the Presidency include that he originally did not think the President should receive a salary, he established a cabinet of advisors, and he felt that differing opinions on the cabinet were beneficial. He felt that the establishment of political parties would sectionalize the nation.

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George Washington felt that he was performing a public service, and it was therefore not ethical to draw a salary. He decided to accept a salary due to the precedent it would set, and he was paid $25,000 per year. However, he complained that the amount did not cover all his expenses.

Washington realized that, as the first President of the United States, what he did would set a precedent. He tried to be diplomatic with other nations, but remained neutral during foreign conflicts, since the United States was still developing. He also felt the President should not be seen as a monarch, so he dressed in normal clothing for the time period.

Washington felt that the President needed advice from multiple perspectives, and he had two men who frequently argued on his cabinet, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. However, political parties developed from the differing viewpoints of both men. Washington felt that political parties would have a negative effect on the nation.

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