What Are Some Facts About George Washington's Childhood?

Some facts about the childhood of George Washington include that he was the fourth of nine children born to his father and the first child born to his father and his second wife. His father died when he was 11. George Washington grew up on a tobacco plantation in Virginia.

George Washington's parents were Augustine Washington and Mary Ball Washington. George was the first child of this marriage. His father had three older children from his first marriage to Jane Butler. Five more children were born after George.

Most of George's childhood was spent at Ferry Farm, close to Fredericksburg, Virginia, one of Augustine Washington's tobacco plantations in Virginia. George learned the basics of math, English and geography at home and also at the local church school .

After the death of his father, George went to live with his older half-brother, Lawrence, at what later became Mt. Vernon. Lawrence was 14 years old than George, was married and had inherited Mt. Vernon from his father at his death. George continued his schooling at Mt. Vernon and also was able to learn about surveying land, growing tobacco and raising animals. He lived with Lawrence and his wife until Lawrence died when George was 20.