What Games or Toys Were Invented in the 1960s?


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Retrowaste lists many toys and games from the 1960s, such as G.I. Joe, Troll Dolls, Pinball Machines and Ouija Boards. Others include toys that match television shows of the time. Some of these include Flintstone toys, Mickey Mouse toys, Batman toys and Warner Brothers character toys. Popeye, Dennis the Menace and Bozo the Clown were other television character toys in the '60s.

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Playsets made out of molded plastic became popular in the 1960s. These included toys such as farm sets, Civil War figures, cowboys and Indians, and army men. Barbies were popular as were baby dolls. Barbie's little sister, Skipper, was developed in this era. Pinball machines became prevalent, as did Punch-Me inflatable punching bags. More toys produced during this decade were LEGO toys, Jack-in-the-Box, Johnny Speed Race Cars and the Hippity Hop Inflatable Ride-A-Ball.

Board games made in the 1960s include Mouse Trap, Candy Land, Twister, Operation and Kerplunk. Games named after characters include Mary Poppins, Patty Duke Game, Noah's Ark and the Winnie the Pooh Game.

According to Retrowaste, the demand for skateboards rose dramatically in 1965. Due to their injury rate, they were nicknamed a "medical menace." They began to fade in popularity in 1966. Another toy in 1965 was the slot car. In fact, slot car centers came about in mid-1965, with enthusiasts racing other slot cars and competing for prizes.

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