What Are Some Funny Nicknames of Former U.S. Presidents?

What Are Some Funny Nicknames of Former U.S. Presidents?

Funny nicknames of former United States presidents include "Canal Boy," "Dude President," "Uncle Jumbo," "Light Bulb Lyndon" and "Teflon President." Many presidents had several nicknames over time, but are most commonly known by one in particular.

James A. Garfield earned his nickname of "Canal Boy" from a job he held as a teenager. He worked on canal boats that carried goods from Cleveland to Pittsburgh. Garfield did not perform the job very well, falling overboard 14 times in under six weeks.

Chester Arthur's nickname of "Dude President" is in addition to his other nickname, "America's First Gentleman," both given to him because of his style and fashion sense, while Grover Cleveland's nicknames of "Uncle Jumbo" and "Stuffed Prophet" are in reference to his large size and weight of approximately 250 pounds.

"Light Bulb Lyndon" is a nickname given to Lyndon B. Johnson because of his constant conservation of electricity. It is said that Johnson would even make rounds through the White House and shut-off unnecessary and excessive lights.

Ronald Reagan's nicknames are often centered around his acting career, but one name in particular, "Teflon President," took-off in the midst of controversy and accusations of scandal. The nickname was given to the former president by Patricia Schroder, a congresswoman from Colorado, who said that he was coated like a Teflon pan, because nothing negative stuck to him, and he remained blame-free in the eyes of the public.