What Are Some Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Ancient Mesopotamia?


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There are many fun ways to teach students of all ages about Ancient Mesopotamia. Because the subject matter is entirely new and obscure to most children, interactive and hands-on lessons represent the most effective and engaging way to teach this topic.

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Depending on the age and skill level of your class, teaching about Ancient Mesopotamia usually involves some combination of geography, culture, the development of writing, and Hammurabi's Code. Online resources can be a fun and effective way to inform students about the geography and culture of an empire that is disconnected from the schema of most students. MrDowling.com, for example, provides maps, videos, photographs and drawings that can provide students with imagery that they may not be able to conjure up in their imaginations or even with static textbook images.

For some aspects of Ancient Mesopotamia, hands-on activities are relevant in understanding the accomplishments of Ancient Mesopotamians. Depending on their age, students can either practice writing Mesopotamian characters or develop their own written alphabet to better understand the development of writing. The class can likewise develop their own set of "laws" to govern the class, mirroring the first written legal code under Hammurabi. Older students can additionally debate Hammurabi's Code, determining which laws are still fair and moral and which are obsolete or unfair. Projects such as these can serve to make ancient and foreign concepts more tangible to students.

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